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Solar News from Shanghai

Solar Energy Industry Has Been Developed Well

By 2050, the population in the world would increase to 89 billions, and the demand for energy would be triple of the present, among which the renewable energy would account for 50%. Absolutely speaking, the supply for renewable energy in 2050 would be twice of the global energy consumption at present.
The Authorities of China's Energy Industry have expected that by 2050 coal would only supply 30%-50% electricity of the whole national energy consumption and 50%-70% of others would depend on oil, natural gas, hydro power, nucleus power, biomass power and other renewable energy. Due to the limited oil, nucleus and hydro resources, great amount of directly burned biomass power in China would be gradually replaced. Therefore, the estimation on China's renewable energy and how to make use of foreign energy would be crucial to the energy development strategy of China.
Faced with increasingly serious energy crisis and in answer to the call on energy saving, The Action Plan of Development and Utilization of Solar Energy During 2005 to 2007 (Action Plan) was approved by Shanghai Municipal Government, Shanghai Development and Reform Commission, Shanghai Foreign Economic Relation and Trade Commission, Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, Shanghai Construction and Transportation Commission and Shanghai Finance and Taxation Commission. Hope Shanghai could achieve remarkable performance in Solar Energy Utilization and be at the first class of the solar PV power technology and industry in China in 3 to 5 years.
The Action Plan explicitly indicated that recently in Shanghai, Solar Water Heating System would be the core in Solar& Heat Utilization, and solar energy and others would complement each other. PV Power is mainly aimed at developing industry and then set examples in experimental units in application aspects. Rest home, hospital, school, office building and low house etc., are the main objects for solar energy application and experimental towns, high-tech districts are key experimental areas.
According to the new Action Plan, the application aim of Shanghai solar energy development is to install construction-combined solar water heating system of 100 thousands square meter of the area of heat collection by 2007 and at that time, the exemplary project of PV power system could be more than 5MW. The industrial target is to have the ability of producing PV modules of 150-200MW, Piece of PV modules of 100-150MW and achieving 10-billion RMB production value by 2007, striving to develop the PV industry as the new increasing point of Shanghai advanced manufacturing industrial.

Source: http://www.ohdays.org/b2b/kzsny/news_detaile.asp?NewsId=39

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